Best Travel Movies for Inspiration

best travel movies

Travel movies provide inspiration for wanderlust, driving college students to backpack the world, young professionals to take career breaks, and American families to road trip across the country like Chevy Chase on his way to Wally World. The best travel movies provide viewers with an escape from reality while discovering the beauty of a destination, its people and the cultural differences that make this great world go round. Continue reading

Tupelo Automobile Museum Features World-Class Collection

tupelo automobile museum

I never would have imagined the Tupelo Automobile Museum would feature a world-class collection of cars. But I also didn’t know just how much the Northeast Mississippi city has going on until a recent visit showed us Tupelo is more than just the birthplace of Elvis Presley. I’m not a car buff or historian by any means, but I’m now a fan of the museum.

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Luxury, Relaxation at Carlsbad’s Omni La Costa

Omni La Costa

Beaches, outdoors, theme parks, relaxation and luxury all meet in Carlsbad, Calif., a small city just north of San Diego where the sunsets spill gently into the Pacific Ocean in a shimmering display of perfection. About two miles east of the Pacific Ocean sits the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, a sprawling property with more than 600 rooms, eight swimming pools, restaurants, two golf courses, a spa and so much more. A weekend was enough to sample everything the Omni la Costa has to offer, but it doesn’t mean you’d ever want to leave.

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Las Vegas Foodie Experience

MGM Resorts

The sunset beyond the Las Vegas Strip made the balcony in our suite at The Signature at MGM Grand a great addition.

Once known for 99-cent shrimp cocktails and massive buffets, the Las Vegas foodie experience has changed. Today, Las Vegas has world-renowned restaurants, unique ethnic cuisine and plenty of gourmet burgers, pizza and desserts. And that’s just along the Las Vegas Strip. From Chinatown to Downtown and points in between, Las Vegas has earned its foodie reputation. This isn’t really a Las Vegas foodie guide. But it is the map to our journey and how we navigated what can be an overwhelming amount of food choices.

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Elvis Presley Birthplace Honors the King

Elvis Presley birthplace

The Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo, Miss., has a pretty good slogan on its website that reads, in part, “We all know about the mansion called Graceland. We all know how it ended. This is how it began.” As an Elvis fan, long-ago part-time employee at Graceland and full-time Memphis resident, I know about the story of the king of rock ‘n’ roll. I traveled an hour and a half south of Memphis to Tupelo to learn more about how the story began.

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Madison Hotel: Memphis Boutique Luxury


Madison Hotel

Sleeping in until 10 only to wake to a beautiful view of the Mississippi River isn’t an everyday experience. Getting to casually enjoy my cup of Keurig coffee with that view before going down for a swim in a historic hotel’s basement lap pool is also a rarity, especially for a family traveler. But on this overnight getaway to the Madison Hotel in Downtown Memphis without our son, it was an accurate picture of my morning. And this one-hour snapshot of the Madison Hotel doesn’t capture the full picture of what makes this property so unique – and relaxing.

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30 First Dates: Romance and Travel Collide

30 First Dates

People travel for different reasons. But as for Erin Crawford, she has a list and a deadline to meet. Today marks the launch of my wife’s debut novel, 30 First Dates. The book is a romantic comedy that includes a lot of travel-related scenes and adventures. Some of the scenes are pulled from our previous travel experiences: an apartment in the Latin Quarter in Paris, a B&B in Sonoma, treks up the Eiffel Tower and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Travel Resolutions for 2015

travel resolutions

Do you have any dream destinations or travel resolutions that have gone unfulfilled? It’s never too late to set travel goals and work on making them happen. I’m not a big believer in “bucket lists,” but I do love the idea of people creating lists of things/experiences/places and actually making them happen. Some people create lists of tasks to accomplish before a certain age, say 35 things before turning 35, for example.

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London Experiences: My Do-Over List

London experiences

This list of must-do London experiences is my “do-over list” because I’ve been to London three times through the years and feel I’ve experienced a lot of the highlights of this world-class city. I mean, I proposed to my wife of now 15 years on the banks of the River Thames in London. In sports terms I’d call that my London walk off. The thing is that came on my first day ever in London way back in 1998. Needless to say, I’ve had some great experiences in London since then, many of which I would put on any must-do London experiences list. But I have plenty of what-if moments. Here are a few.

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Learning From Travel Mistakes in 2014

travel mistakes

Everyone has their stories to tell — good and bad — when looking back at the year that was. For Trips By Lance, 2014 was a year of many ups and downs, great trips and even better trips. But there were plenty of travel mistakes made, and they all provided learning opportunities for the future. I don’t believe in regrets for lost opportunities or remorse for past actions, so to speak, but I do believe it is possible to learn from travel mistakes in 2014.

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