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The world of travel blogging seems to live in the opposite world of print newspapers. But in today’s journalism, there really aren’t any rules. It only makes sense that as a veteran newspaper reporter and editor, I’d finally combine what I do here at Trips By Lance and the other online publications I write for with my newspaper life. So I’ve recently launched a bimonthly travel column, The Daily Traveler, in The Daily News.

I’ve had the idea to publish a travel column in The Daily News for several months now. I’m managing editor of The Daily News, a Monday-Friday business newspaper in Memphis, Tenn. We publish a number of columns throughout the week, and I was happy to add a travel column to the mix in August. I’ve been a newspaper editor since 2005, and before that, spent six years as a newspaper reporter. One of the main reasons I started Trips By Lance as a travel blog in early 2013 was to get back into writing, and more importantly, get into travel writing.

The Daily Traveler gives me another avenue to share the travel experiences of our family, only focused more on a Tennessee audience. I’m excited about the possibilities for the reach of the column. Not only will it publish in The Daily News, it will also run in our weekly publication, The Memphis News, and our publications in Nashville and Knoxville, The Nashville Ledger and The Knoxville Ledger. These publications are seen by more than 60,000 in print, and countless others online.

The columns will be a mix of travel advice and destination guides. Many of the guides will be about destinations that make sense for travelers from Tennessee, like my most recent column, “Discover Labor Day Getaways Close to Home.” New Orleans, Indianapolis and Atlanta are three cities we’ve driven to in the past year, and I look to go more in depth into those cities and others in the coming months. But the column won’t be limited to the South and Midwest.

Much like our travels, there will be plenty of variety with destinations all across the U.S. and our favorite international spots.

I’ll continue publishing a couple of times a week here at Trips By Lance. There will be plenty of destination reports and lodging reviews from our family’s travels to unique destinations. I’ll also write about general thoughts on travel with the mission of inspiring families to travel more without breaking the bank.

And some news I’ve yet to share here is my role as Memphis travel expert for I started in that role in April and am enjoying sharing travel advice about my hometown of Memphis.

I do hope you’ll check out my column every other Tuesday at If you have column ideas or destinations to promote I’d be happy to hear from you. ¬†Email me at

And please check out the debut column that ran Aug. 12, “Discover the World of Travel.”

9 thoughts on “Debut of The Daily Traveler in Print

  1. Jenna, time doesn’t exist for working parents. We do the best we can. It will be fun trying to come up with ideas for an audience based in Tennessee instead of the wider audience this blog provides.

  2. Thanks Fiona. It’s fun but keeping me busy. I’m sitting here working on a Sunday afternoon while watching football when most other people watching football are just watching football. But great things tend to take hard work.

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