Baseball Opening Day Signals Summer Travel

baseball opening day

I recently read a stat that the average age of viewers of the Major League Baseball World Series was 53. As a 38-year-old baseball fan, I’m not sure what that says about me, but as I sit and watch baseball on opening day I can’t help but get excited about the opportunity to travel for some baseball this summer. To me, baseball opening day signals summer travel season is upon us, even though it’s technically still a couple of months away.

baseball opening day

Last month I had the pleasure of traveling to Scottsdale, Ariz., where I got to enjoy a taste of spring training at a Cactus League game. It was my first spring training experience and most definitely won’t be my last. I only attended one game, but the idea that I could stay in the Phoenix area and be able to choose from 15 Major League Baseball clubs in spring training action was pretty cool.

I stayed at the Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia where I was only a few miles from Scottsdale Stadium and the home of the San Francisco Giants. Oddly enough, we drove to nearby Mesa to see the Giants play their cross-bay rivals, the Oakland Athletics.

baseball opening day

Sitting in the grassy berm in the beautiful sunshine.

Even though I’m a fan of one of Oakland’s big division rivals, the Texas Rangers, I had a blast. I mean, who wouldn’t have fun sitting in the sunshine in low 80s one week after suffering through snow and ice back home?

baseball opening day

But back to that age issue with baseball. I will admit that my 8-year-old son is much more interested in basketball. He enjoys every sport, but I think he only goes to baseball games because he enjoys sports in general.

But I’ll take that. I’m not hopeful I’ll turn him into a big baseball fan like I am, but if as he gets older we can share those moments from time to time that will be great.

Next month we will be traveling to Southern California as a family for the first time, spending a week with time at the beach in Carlsbad, exploring the highlights of San Diego, visiting Disneyland during the park’s 60th anniversary and hanging out in Los Angeles. The San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers all will be in town during our week, so I’m really excited about the opportunity to visit at least one of the ballparks.

Living in Memphis, Tennessee where the closest ballpark is in St. Louis some four hours away, anytime I get to experience baseball it always comes while traveling. I’m looking forward to getting to experience one or two new ballparks while in Southern California this year. And who knows, maybe revisiting one or two ballparks.

baseball opening day

There is just something about warm temps, a great conversation over a big beer and baseball on the field. Spring training baseball at the Cactus League was awesome. But now it’s time for the fun of the season.

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