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Trips By Lance

Lance Wiedower spent his days managing the newsroom of a business newspaper and nights planning travel. Over a few glasses of wine on a cold January evening, he began thinking of ways to combine his love of travel with his journalism day job.

Following a trip to Atlanta to enjoy that city’s fabulous food scene and a great concert by The XX, Lance realized what had started as a trip-planning side business should become a way to share stories of his travels. In February 2013, Trips By Lance the travel blog was born, and a journey to share travel advice and stories from his family’s many travels was off and running.

Trips By Lance was the platform for Lance the freelance travel writer. As Lance ventured out from the newspaper industry and tried his hand at marketing before diving full force into freelance writing, Trips By Lance remained his outlet for sharing travel tales.

Then in early 2016 he convinced wife and travel partner, Stacey, to join the fun. The site’s masthead is a work in progress, but the focus now is all about Trips By Lance and Stacey.

Today, Lance is a journalist reporting on social issues in Memphis. He also writes a biweekly travel column in The Daily News and contributes travel content to various traditional news outlets and websites. Stacey also is a freelance writer with a focus on fiction writing. Her debut novel, “30 First Dates,” was an international bestseller for much of 2015 following its launch that January. Her third novel, “How to Look Happy,” hit the shelves and e-readers in early 2016. She’s penning the sequel to “30 First Dates” with an expected launch date in January 2017. Oh, and don’t forget the book that started it all but actually published second, “Now a Major Motion Picture.”

When Lance launched Trips By Lance, it reflected his family’s travel style, which meant exploring the culture of Europe’s great cities and eating in the best restaurants in New York City, all while showing their son, Colby, that travel is a learning experience. Then, Colby got a little older, developed his own passions and Lance did the unthinkable — the family visited Disneyland.

Trips By Lance

Hello, this is Lance. Enough of that third person business. Trips By Lance and Stacey is an opportunity for this family of three to share the stories of our fun travel that comes with plenty of struggles. I love sports, history and beer. Stacey loves, art, design, shopping and food. Colby loves all those things that crazy 9-year-old boys love, not to mention an ever-developing passion for sports (win for me).

Stacey and I are full-time freelance writers so we aren’t tied down to strict vacation schedules that many of our readers are. But when I started this site I had a job that limited my vacation time, so I understand the limitations families have, particularly American workers. And we do have writing contracts that keep us close to home in Memphis, so we hope to inspire real families with limited time and resources to experience the world without breaking the bank.


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