In Pictures: Pubs of Great Britain

Pubs of Great Britain

I’ve been fortunate to travel to Great Britain three times. On each of those visits, pub life was a major part of our experiences. Some of those visits saw us linger over a few pints while other visits were long enough to stop in for a 20-minute break over half pints. And yes, we’ve had many meals in pubs. Before our first visit in 1998, I read in my Lonely Planet guidebook about how the best — and often cheapest — meals were in pubs. I have had many great meals in pubs. I have been to my share of pubs. Here are some of my favorite pubs of Great Britain.

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Friday Travel Inspiration: Europe With Children

Europe with children

We’ve been asked many times how we could possibly take a 5-year-old child to Europe. How did we manage to spend several days in Paris with a picky eater, visit the city’s amazing restaurants and walk the halls of its majestic art museums, all with a — CHILD. Pretty easy, actually. This week’s Friday Travel Inspiration is meant to encourage you to visit Europe with children.

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Four Non-London England Cities to Visit



York, England

If you’re considering a visit to England for the first time, chances are you’re only thinking about London. As much as I love the capital city, for my money, I’m going out to some of the “other” British cities. And I’m not talking small villages, even though some of my favorite places on Earth are English villages. I have lots of favorites, but if you’re thinking about a first-time visit to the United Kingdom, here are my favorite four non-London England cities to visit. When we visit the U.K. we’ve always had a car, but all of these cities are accessible via train and motorcoach.

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In Search of the Bronte’s Haworth: A Yorkshire Detour

About an hour drive west of York, I took this photo from the parking lot of the little roadside tea shop we had lunch at.

About an hour drive west of York, I took this photo from the parking lot of the little roadside tea shop where we had lunch.

What happens when you find yourself in one of the most beautiful spots in England? Slow down and enjoy the beauty would be the common answer. That would have been nice, but we were making a beeline from Scotland to York, having just enough time for a stopover in Haworth to enjoy the Bronte Parsonage Museum, which honors sisters and authors Charlotte, Anne and Emily Bronte. You’ve probably heard of their works that include “Wuthering Heights” and “Jane Eyre.” Here’s the story of that misadventure and some lessons learned about driving through the British countryside.

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Why I Visited the London Eye

London Eye 1

I’m not really a fan of attractions everyone says are “must do’s.” Well, that’s not exactly accurate. I’m all for historic sites like the Roman Forum or architectural wonders like walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

But there are lots of “must-do” experiences I can do without. Maybe it’s the contrarian in me. Yeah, that is a big part of it, actually.

For example, I’ve been to New York City three times and have yet to visit the Statue of Liberty. I’ve seen it from a distance, and that’s good enough. There are too many other great experiences in New York to spend a few hours taking a ferry to Liberty Island to see a statue I’ve seen many times from a distance.

Honestly, it’s probably a visit best saved for a visit with my son. And that thinking is what brought me to the London Eye for the first time on my most recent visit to the British capital.

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