You’re Crazy to Travel to Europe With Children

Europe with children

We believe travel to Europe with children is such a bad idea we even took our son to Giverny to experience Monet’s home and gardens.

I recently had a conversation with a few well-traveled people about the idea of travel to Europe with children. The consensus was that they wouldn’t dream of doing it, certainly not before the child turned 10. I politely disagreed, pointing out that we traveled to Europe with our son when he was 5. I was told we have a unique child, basically that we’re lucky.

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Driving in Paris: Would You Do It?

Driving in Paris

On our most recent visit to Paris, we decided to rent a car for a visit to Giverny and the D-Day beaches in Normandy. But when making our plans, I had read a lot of warnings about driving in Paris, even having people question my sanity on message boards for stating my confidence in driving in Paris. So how did my experience of driving in Paris go? Well, it had its ups and downs with a few lessons learned. Continue reading

Friday Travel Inspiration: Europe With Children

Europe with children

We’ve been asked many times how we could possibly take a 5-year-old child to Europe. How did we manage to spend several days in Paris with a picky eater, visit the city’s amazing restaurants and walk the halls of its majestic art museums, all with a — CHILD. Pretty easy, actually. This week’s Friday Travel Inspiration is meant to encourage you to visit Europe with children.

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Five Experiences: American D-Day Beaches

American D-Day Beaches

When traveling to Normandy, France, to visit the D-Day landing beaches, planning where to go can get overwhelming. Do you choose the British landing zones and beaches or the American D-Day beaches and airborne drop zones? When we visited Normandy, I wanted to visit both zones, but quickly realized for such a short visit, there was no way I could see the American and British landing beaches as well as airborne drop zones. We only had two days, so I decided to concentrate on the American D-Day beaches. Here are five ways to experience the American D-Day beaches of Normandy.

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Four Reasons to Experience Paris’ Marais

Paris' Marais

The Pompidou Centre is a modern art palace on the western edge of Paris’ Marais neighborhood.

Paris’ Marais neighborhood is a center of culture, history, shopping, food and fun in the city’s Fourth Arrondissement. Whether traveling solo, with friends, family or a romantic getaway, there are plenty of ways to experience this diverse neighborhood on the city’s Right Bank. Here are four ways to experience Paris’ Marais.

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