The National WWII Museum Remembers History

National WWII Museum

New Orleans is known for its outstanding food, authentic culture, beautiful architecture and amazing music. I’ve visited New Orleans many times through the years, and have enjoyed all those things. But one of the standouts to me has nothing to do with the city’s unique culture. The National WWII Museum provides a look at one of the most important periods in modern world history, and it’s located in the heart of the New Orleans Central Business District.

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Exploring New Orleans French Market

French Market

There’s a lot to see in New Orleans that could be considered hokey or a tourist trap. The French Quarter is full of them, really, starting with Bourbon Street. If you’re looking for the real New Orleans, only part of the story will be found in the French Quarter. But I’ve spent a lot of time in New Orleans over the past 20 years, and much of that time has been spent in the French Quarter. And one of the spots I keep returning to is the New Orleans French Market. It’s a simple food market mixed with lots of trinkets, clothing and souvenirs for sale. And it’s one of my favorite spots in the French Quarter.

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Hotel Review: Omni Royal Orleans

Omni Royal Orleans

There are three things that stand out about the Omni Royal Orleans hotel in New Orleans: its location, awesome rooftop and quiet rooms. Being in the heart of the French Quarter gives the Omni Royal Orleans a major check mark. But being in the heart of the Quarter could be a problem for those wanting a good night sleep, which is why the peace and quiet at the Omni Royal Orleans is a second feather in the hotel’s cap. And the third, well, that rooftop and its great views of the Mississippi River and nearby St. Louis Cathedral speaks for itself.

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New Orleans Pelicans Night of Family Fun

New Orleans Pelicans

I’m not sure stats exist about how much fans of certain sports travel to enjoy a weekend at the game. Baseball travel is all too obvious. But why not NBA travel? Proving how fun traveling to an NBA game can be is why we set out on the NBA Road Trip. The latest installment took us to New Orleans where we spent an evening enjoying the New Orleans Pelicans. They might not be in playoff contention this season, but the New Orleans Pelicans do have some exciting young players and a fun arena.

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48 Hours in New Orleans on NBA Road Trip

48 hours in New Orleans

Spending 48 hours in New Orleans can be one of the most challenging or fun travel experiences, depending on your perspective. On one hand, the Crescent City has too much to try to cram into a 48-hour period. But if a visitor adopts the city’s great carefree attitude, well, 48 hours in New Orleans is a special experience, even when traveling as a family.

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