Discovering Puerto Vallarta’s Foodie Scene

Puerto Vallarta foodie scene

When it comes to travel, at the top of my list is almost always finding a destination with a local foodie scene. In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, food is king in this Pacific Ocean getaway. On many street corners sit taco stands. Restaurants of all sizes line the streets. This is especially true in the city’s old town, and thanks to Vallarta Food Tours, I learned more about the Puerto Vallarta foodie scene.

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My New York: New Yorker’s Guide to Upper East Side


Guide to Upper East Side

H&H Bagels (Photo Courtesy of: The Lazy Travelers)

Yes, Jay-Z told us all about the 8 million stories in New York City in “Empire State of Mind.” And while I’ve visited the city several times, I thought as we prepared for our most recent visit that I’d ask a few of my friends who call the Big Apple home to tell me about their New York stories. So a big welcome to Carolyn “the wino” Godfrey of The Lazy Travelers, who has her story in this guide to the Upper East Side.

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Exploring New Orleans French Market

French Market

There’s a lot to see in New Orleans that could be considered hokey or a tourist trap. The French Quarter is full of them, really, starting with Bourbon Street. If you’re looking for the real New Orleans, only part of the story will be found in the French Quarter. But I’ve spent a lot of time in New Orleans over the past 20 years, and much of that time has been spent in the French Quarter. And one of the spots I keep returning to is the New Orleans French Market. It’s a simple food market mixed with lots of trinkets, clothing and souvenirs for sale. And it’s one of my favorite spots in the French Quarter.

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In Pictures: Pubs of Great Britain

Pubs of Great Britain

I’ve been fortunate to travel to Great Britain three times. On each of those visits, pub life was a major part of our experiences. Some of those visits saw us linger over a few pints while other visits were long enough to stop in for a 20-minute break over half pints. And yes, we’ve had many meals in pubs. Before our first visit in 1998, I read in my Lonely Planet guidebook about how the best — and often cheapest — meals were in pubs. I have had many great meals in pubs. I have been to my share of pubs. Here are some of my favorite pubs of Great Britain.

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Discovering Fort Worth Bourbon

Firestone & Robertson

Firestone & Robertson’s whiskey blend

Being from Tennessee, I’d like to think I know a little something about whiskey. My in-laws live near Lynchburg, Tenn., home of Jack Daniel’s. I’ve taken the unique distillery tour three times, and heard much about the process of making whiskey. I’ve had several Kentucky bourbons, enjoyed whisky from Scotland, and sampled my share of blends from Canada and the U.S. As I type this, I’m sipping on a Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. But on a recent visit to Fort Worth, Texas, I learned so much more about the science of whiskey making from a Kentucky-bred and Tennessee-educated distiller. I was in for a special treat learning about Fort Worth bourbon at Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.

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