Shopping Road Trips to Ikea

Shopping road trip

The proposed Ikea Memphis store (Image Courtesy of Ikea)

Big news happened in my hometown of Memphis, Tenn., when the improbable announcement was made this week that the Swedish-based retailer Ikea will open in the city. I’m not much of a shopper, but as I sit at my Ikea desk next to my Ikea bookshelf with an Ikea lamp lighting my home office, I’m very familiar with making shopping road trips to Ikea.

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How to Handle Holiday Road Trip With Children

holiday road trip with children

He won’t stop crying! Please God, make him stop crying. We were an hour into a four-hour drive, the first with our 6-week-old son and he was already crying. Hungry, yes, he must be hungry. And dirty. He’s a baby, of course he’s dirty. Changing the diaper is easy, but how do we warm a bottle of formula on a road trip? Sometimes people wonder why we stopped at one child. The story of Colby’s first road trip might provide a clue. And maybe it will offer a few tips on how to handle a holiday road trip with children, or at least figure out how to handle it better than we did.

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Winter Weather Road Trip Guidelines


Driving on ice

Last week, IĀ asked on the Trips By Lance Facebook page what people do when the threat of bad weather potentially affects a road trip. The answers were all over the place, ranging from leaving ahead of schedule to beat the bad weather to leaving as planned and taking a chance that the roads won’t be too bad. As someone who is born, bred and has always lived in the Southern United States, I hate even the hint of a threat of icy conditions. Nothing good can come from icy streets. It’s the main reason my traveling tends to hibernate during the winter. But when I do make plans, I have my own winter weather road trip guidelines.

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