Gifts for Family Travelers

gifts for family travelers

It’s Christmas season and that means it’s gift time. And with the big day less than a week away if you’re still looking for ideas for presents, you might be in trouble. Well, unless you’re a guy, or at least a typical guy. If that’s the case, you’ve still got a few days before you even realize it’s Christmas and that you have a significant other and three kids who would appreciate opening a gift on Christmas morning. These gifts for family travelers aren’t really the type one “opens,” per se, but they might be appreciated more than the latest gadget.

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Practical Gifts for Guys

The Gift of Stanleyness

This post is sponsored by Stanley Brand, but the enjoyment of these three products and their practical use for me is 100 percent authentic.

Creating a Christmas list is one of my biggest challenges every year. I don’t desire or need much. Travel is a big part of who I am, and I’ve tried asking for airline gift certificates before. I have received cash for travel, and in theory that’s nice. I’m a practical person and practical gifts are enjoyed the most. And as a frequent road tripper and sometimes outdoors adventurer one of my biggest needs is a reliable travel coffee mug. So when the opportunity to review a Stanley travel coffee mug, along with a couple of other beverage products came up, I jumped at the opportunity to review these practical gifts for guys and road trippers from Stanley.

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Christmas Travel Wish List

Giverny, France

Christmas is a week away, and if you’re like me, you have plenty of shopping remaining. I’m not much for the latest gadgets or new trends. I drive a 10-year-old car, half of my clothing comes from thrift shops, I refuse to replace my 3-year-old iPhone even though the home button barely functions, and I’m OK watching my old-school big-screen TV that can only be seen when sitting way back from it. So let’s be clear: I’m not the person to offer advice on the “top five gifts of 2013.” Some people might call me cheap. What I can provide assistance with, however, is fulfilling a Christmas travel wish list. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel, maybe these ideas can help you fulfill an awesome Christmas travel wish list, even if it’s one that hasn’t been written down or requested.

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