Travel Resolutions for 2015

travel resolutions

Do you have any dream destinations or travel resolutions that have gone unfulfilled? It’s never too late to set travel goals and work on making them happen. I’m not a big believer in “bucket lists,” but I do love the idea of people creating lists of things/experiences/places and actually making them happen. Some people create lists of tasks to accomplish before a certain age, say 35 things before turning 35, for example.

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Learning From Travel Mistakes in 2014

travel mistakes

Everyone has their stories to tell — good and bad — when looking back at the year that was. For Trips By Lance, 2014 was a year of many ups and downs, great trips and even better trips. But there were plenty of travel mistakes made, and they all provided learning opportunities for the future. I don’t believe in regrets for lost opportunities or remorse for past actions, so to speak, but I do believe it is possible to learn from travel mistakes in 2014.

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How to Handle Holiday Road Trip With Children

holiday road trip with children

He won’t stop crying! Please God, make him stop crying. We were an hour into a four-hour drive, the first with our 6-week-old son and he was already crying. Hungry, yes, he must be hungry. And dirty. He’s a baby, of course he’s dirty. Changing the diaper is easy, but how do we warm a bottle of formula on a road trip? Sometimes people wonder why we stopped at one child. The story of Colby’s first road trip might provide a clue. And maybe it will offer a few tips on how to handle a holiday road trip with children, or at least figure out how to handle it better than we did.

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When is the Best Day to Book Airfare?

best day to book airfare

I’ve heard this question asked so many times, and it’s something I used to wonder about, especially when booking flights for major trips when saving $100 here or there can make a big difference. My personal experience as well as what I’ve read over and over is that Tuesday is the best day to book airfare. But what if that time-tested truth is actually false? I recently read that Sunday is the best day to book airfare.

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Travel in Books: Finding Inspiration on Page

travel in books

A schooner like this one in the West Traverse Bay at Traverse City is one of the main characters in Dennis’ book.

Many things have changed for our family through the years when we travel, but one constant that has remained from our pre-kid days to today when we travel with an energetic 8-year-old boy is our desire to visit bookstores. We love bookstores when we travel about as much as we enjoy sampling local food. And the more crowded the shelves are with rare books or locally set stories the better. I’ve always enjoyed finding travel in books, especially when it’s a destination I’ve just discovered or one I dream about visiting one day.

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