How I Find Trip Planning Success

trip planning

Everyone who travels even once a year has some sort of trip planning process. For some people it means spending months online, scouring every forum on TripAdvisor, and reading blogs and magazines. For others, it’s as simple as going to a travel agent and having someone take care of the trip plan for them. For me, it’s a detailed trip planning process, one that might help others create a proper trip plan. Continue reading

Travel Resolutions for 2015

travel resolutions

Do you have any dream destinations or travel resolutions that have gone unfulfilled? It’s never too late to set travel goals and work on making them happen. I’m not a big believer in “bucket lists,” but I do love the idea of people creating lists of things/experiences/places and actually making them happen. Some people create lists of tasks to accomplish before a certain age, say 35 things before turning 35, for example.

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US Travel Values in 2015

US travel values

Macon, Ga., Third Street Park (Photo Courtesy of Macon-Bibb County Convention and Visitors Bureau)

On the lookout for a good travel value? There are plenty of good deals in travel in the United States, and this list of U.S. travel values in 2015 has plenty of options. Many of these cities are off the radar, while others are near major destinations. The Best Value City index highlighting 50 undiscovered U.S. cities was compiled by, and is based on a combination of consumer ratings and average hotel prices. If you’re looking for a value in travel in the U.S. then read on.

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When is the Best Day to Book Airfare?

best day to book airfare

I’ve heard this question asked so many times, and it’s something I used to wonder about, especially when booking flights for major trips when saving $100 here or there can make a big difference. My personal experience as well as what I’ve read over and over is that Tuesday is the best day to book airfare. But what if that time-tested truth is actually false? I recently read that Sunday is the best day to book airfare.

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Ready to Explore Albuquerque Culture


Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Balloons inflate at Balloon Fiesta Park at sunrise. (Photo Courtesy of

In just a couple of weeks we’ll be exploring New Mexico, where we’ll try to figure out if we prefer red or green chile, gaze at beautiful art in Santa Fe and on The High Road to Taos, explore ancient geologic wonders at Tent Rocks National Monument, see one of the  most photographed events in the world at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and even get our kicks on Route 66. But as we get closer to the trip and the excitement that awaits, I’ve been stressed about planning our time exploring Albuquerque culture.

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