48 Hours in New Orleans on NBA Road Trip

48 hours in New Orleans

Spending 48 hours in New Orleans can be one of the most challenging or fun travel experiences, depending on your perspective. On one hand, the Crescent City has too much to try to cram into a 48-hour period. But if a visitor adopts the city’s great carefree attitude, well, 48 hours in New Orleans is a special experience, even when traveling as a family.

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Five Experiences: Indianapolis NCAA Tournament Fun

Indianapolis NCAA Tournament

The Midwest Regional of the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament is in Indianapolis, and I can think of no better place for fans than this capital of basketball. This weekend, fans of Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee and Michigan will descend on Downtown Indianapolis for Friday’s Sweet 16 games and Sunday’s Elite Eight tilt. And while basketball will be the focus of the weekend, don’t overlook the awesomeness that is Indianapolis. Here are my recommendations to have some Indianapolis NCAA Tournament fun.

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Exploring Scotland’s Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle

When we were planning our visit to Scotland, we knew we were going to Edinburgh. But that was it. We’d have parts of a couple of days to consider driving north into the country, possibly visit the Highlands, or maybe spend some time in the Borders region near England. I knew if at all possible I wanted to visit at least one castle, other than Edinburgh Castle. And after looking at pictures of castles throughout the country, I knew I found the one in Caerlaverock Castle.

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Weekend Review: Atlanta NBA Road Trip

Atlanta NBA Road Trip

Visiting Atlanta for sports isn’t a new concept for me. My first visit came in 1996 for the Summer Olympics. My second visit was in 2003 for a weekend of baseball fun with the Atlanta Braves. I’ve been in town for a Georgia Tech football game, in addition to the non-sports weekend getaways Stacey and I have made through the years. But this weekend trip would be different. It was all about experiencing the city for an Atlanta Hawks game. So how did we spend our Atlanta NBA road trip weekend? Let me count the ways.

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Hotel Review: Santa Fe Sage Inn

Santa Fe Sage Inn

The Rail Yard district is just across the street from the Santa Fe Sage Inn, providing dining and shopping options.

On our fall trip to New Mexico, we had the opportunity to stay three nights in the Santa Fe Sage Inn, a Downtown accommodation located just out of the historic district but close enough to still enjoy the fun. In fact, we were just across the street from the up-and-coming Santa Fe Rail Yard District and its farmers market, a positive for us considering we’re always looking for neighborhoods on the rise.

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