In Pictures: Discovering Old San Juan

Old San Juan

Puerto Rico is a little bit of the Caribbean, a dash of old Spain, a little bit of America and lots of salsa goodness. Yes, Puerto Rico is technically part of the United States, but it’s also a world away. On one hand walking the streets of Old San Juan you feel like you’re in a different country, a place where the Caribbean rules in all its color. But on the other hand, it felt so close to home. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a world that is alive with color and fun.

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Empire State Building Inspiration

Empire State Building

The view from the Empire State Building looking toward Central Park.

It’s a tower of history, an art deco treasure that has stood over Midtown Manhattan since its 1931 opening. The Empire State Building, at times in its history, has stood as the tallest building in the world. Today, it’s the second-tallest building in New York City. Its height is only one reason the Empire State Building is inspirational.

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SoHo Architecture: A New York Neighborhood in Pictures

SoHo Architecture

One of our favorite neighborhoods in the world is SoHo in New York City. The once industrial neighborhood turned vacant neighborhood turned arts district turned trendy boutique heaven is one of the coolest spots in New York’s five boroughs. Yes, it is filled with awesome shopping, great restaurants and trendy hotels. But to me, the main drawing card is all the awesome SoHo architecture thanks to the best collection of cast-iron architecture anywhere in the world. Well, that and all the shopping really makes my wife happy.

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How to Experience Santa Fe Art

Canyon Road

Canyon Road is the center of the arts scene in Santa Fe. But it’s just one of several ways to experience Santa Fe arts.

When we decided to visit Santa Fe, N.M., art was at the center of the decision. We knew American artist Georgia O’Keeffe once called the region home, and that the city has a reputation for being one of the nation’s major art markets. We knew it is a city with lots of shopping, history and great food. But at the heart of it all is art. Here is how to experience Santa Fe art.

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Finding Family Fun at Lake Erie

Lake Erie sunset

Lake Erie sunset

The Rust Belt region of the Upper Midwest has seen its shares of ups and down. What was once a glorious industrial past has seen economic disparity in recent years. Many factories that at one time churned out an endless array of products for the automobile industry are now shuttered, parking lots filled with weeds.

But less than an hour east of downtown Cleveland, covered bridges, wineries and lakefront fun can be found in Ashtabula County, leaving any thoughts of economic despair in the rearview mirror.

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