How to Handle Holiday Road Trip With Children

holiday road trip with children

He won’t stop crying! Please God, make him stop crying. We were an hour into a four-hour drive, the first with our 6-week-old son and he was already crying. Hungry, yes, he must be hungry. And dirty. He’s a baby, of course he’s dirty. Changing the diaper is easy, but how do we warm a bottle of formula on a road trip? Sometimes people wonder why we stopped at one child. The story of Colby’s first road trip might provide a clue. And maybe it will offer a few tips on how to handle a holiday road trip with children, or at least figure out how to handle it better than we did.

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Scheduling Family Travel Around School

scheduling family travel

Family travel can be so overwhelming and full of challenges for parents who prefer unique destinations instead of amusement parks and beaches. Yes, finding bed-and-breakfast inns that will welcome a child, awesome chef-driven restaurants that aren’t too stuffy for children and cultural attractions the kids won’t find boring is pretty hard. But the biggest challenge I’m discovering? It’s scheduling family travel around school.

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New York City Favorites: A Child’s Perspective

New York City favorites

We’ve visited New York City numerous times through the years, from a whirlwind weekend of seeing all the highlights to separate guys’ and girls’ weekends, to an anniversary getaway. My wife and I have seen New York from so many different angles, and we have numerous New York City favorites. New York is possibly our favorite city in the world, and earlier this summer we decided to introduce our 7-year-old son to the joys of it and watch him create his own New York City favorites.

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Discovering Kid-Friendly Tunica at Gold Strike Casino

kid-friendly Tunica

Writing the above headline makes me think of the line from “Sweet Home Alabama” when Reese Witherspoon’s character says to an old high school friend, “You have a baby … in a bar!” Yes, we visited a casino with our 7-year-old son. We decided to drive south of Memphis to the Mississippi gaming community to discover if kid-friendly Tunica really does exist. We were only in Tunica County for a night, but it was long enough to have a little family fun at Gold Strike at MGM Resort.

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New York With a Child: Facing the Challenges

New York with a child

We’ve been thinking about taking our 7-year-old son to New York City for quite some time. Stacey and I have been to New York several times, but we’ve never attempted to visit New York with a child. I’m not exactly worried about it; we took a 5-year-old to Paris and London. But New York is the type of city we enjoy going to fabulous restaurants and wine bars, visiting boutiques and art galleries, and seeing a couple of Broadway shows. How will we manage to do all of that in New York with a child? I really don’t know.

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