30 First Dates: Romance and Travel Collide

30 First Dates

People travel for different reasons. But as for Erin Crawford, she has a list and a deadline to meet. Today marks the launch of my wife’s debut novel, 30 First Dates. The book is a romantic comedy that includes a lot of travel-related scenes and adventures. Some of the scenes are pulled from our previous travel experiences: an apartment in the Latin Quarter in Paris, a B&B in Sonoma, treks up the Eiffel Tower and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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New Mexico Reflections

Taos Pueblo

We just returned from a week of exploring the art, culture, food and beautiful scenery of North New Mexico. The state’s motto — The Land of Enchantment — is right on the target to describe how I feel after exploring … Continue reading

Experiencing Giverny France With a Child

Let’s face it: If you’ve been anywhere in Europe, particularly the smaller villages of France, the thought of spending even a few hours in these beautiful places with a bratty or wild kid in tow can be frightful. All the screaming, the whining, the … Continue reading