My Pros and Cons of Hostels

Toronto skyline

Enjoying one of the many events at the 2013 TBEX conference in Toronto, my first and only experience staying in a hostel.

I’ll be honest, I’ve only stayed in one hostel. And other than my contact lenses getting thrown out mistakenly by the cleaning crew (long story), I have no complaints about the stay. The room was clean, my roommates were pleasant and everyone in the facility was friendly. But I think we all get a feel for when something makes sense for us as travelers, and staying in hostels just isn’t my cup of tea. Here are my pros and cons of hostels.

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Experiencing Giverny France With a Child

Let’s face it: If you’ve been anywhere in Europe, particularly the smaller villages of France, the thought of spending even a few hours in these beautiful places with a bratty or wild kid in tow can be frightful. All the screaming, the whining, the … Continue reading