My New York: New Yorker’s Guide to Upper East Side


Guide to Upper East Side

H&H Bagels (Photo Courtesy of: The Lazy Travelers)

Yes, Jay-Z told us all about the 8 million stories in New York City in “Empire State of Mind.” And while I’ve visited the city several times, I thought as we prepared for our most recent visit that I’d ask a few of my friends who call the Big Apple home to tell me about their New York stories. So a big welcome to Carolyn “the wino” Godfrey of The Lazy Travelers, who has her story in this guide to the Upper East Side.

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My Travel Addiction: Trip Itinerary Planning

Trip Itinerary Planning

Obsession with learning museum opening hours, the least-crowded time of day to visit an attraction, best spot for a local food experience, and memorizing the best subway route to your apartment: all signs of a trip itinerary planning addiction. I have no problem admitting my travel addiction, so maybe that is the first step to recovery. But with three trips approaching over the next five weeks, I find that my addiction to trip itinerary planning has kicked into overdrive.

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Empire State Building Inspiration

Empire State Building

The view from the Empire State Building looking toward Central Park.

It’s a tower of history, an art deco treasure that has stood over Midtown Manhattan since its 1931 opening. The Empire State Building, at times in its history, has stood as the tallest building in the world. Today, it’s the second-tallest building in New York City. Its height is only one reason the Empire State Building is inspirational.

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SoHo Architecture: A New York Neighborhood in Pictures

SoHo Architecture

One of our favorite neighborhoods in the world is SoHo in New York City. The once industrial neighborhood turned vacant neighborhood turned arts district turned trendy boutique heaven is one of the coolest spots in New York’s five boroughs. Yes, it is filled with awesome shopping, great restaurants and trendy hotels. But to me, the main drawing card is all the awesome SoHo architecture thanks to the best collection of cast-iron architecture anywhere in the world. Well, that and all the shopping really makes my wife happy.

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#CTC13: Capture the Color of New York

New York City

Photography once was a hobby of mine, but that was back in the old-school film days. I haven’t found the time or desire to move that old hobby to the digital age. My travel photos are of the point-and-shoot and iPhone camera variety. So when Francesca of The Working Mom’s Travels (and soon after Karla of Traveller Soul) nominated me for this year’s Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour contest, I was both honored and surprised.

I decided to pick shots taken in one of my favorite cities in the world, New York City. This was a trip my wife and I took in August 2009 to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary.

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