Driving in Paris: Would You Do It?

Driving in Paris

On our most recent visit to Paris, we decided to rent a car for a visit to Giverny and the D-Day beaches in Normandy. But when making our plans, I had read a lot of warnings about driving in Paris, even having people question my sanity on message boards for stating my confidence in driving in Paris. So how did my experience of driving in Paris go? Well, it had its ups and downs with a few lessons learned. Continue reading

Vacation Exercise: Thinking Outside the Box

Vacation Exercise

Not sure how much exercise this tour provides, but a beer tour of Indianapolis while pedaling has to provide some cardio.

Do you ever find yourself on an exercise regimen only to be on a trip and skipping out on a week of workouts? Unless you’re training for a marathon or triathlon, skipping four or five days of workouts doesn’t matter. Trust me. It. Does. Not. Matter if you skip several days of exercise as you enjoy a destination. But as a former competitive runner, I do know the importance of getting in some quality vacation exercise. And as a parent, I know how hard it can be to get in vacation exercise while enjoying a destination and watching the little ones. So here are a few ways I’ve managed to break a sweat while traveling. And I’m not talking about 12-ounce curls. I’ve tried all of these alternative ways to get in some vacation exercise.

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Friday Travel Inspiration: Europe With Children

Europe with children

We’ve been asked many times how we could possibly take a 5-year-old child to Europe. How did we manage to spend several days in Paris with a picky eater, visit the city’s amazing restaurants and walk the halls of its majestic art museums, all with a — CHILD. Pretty easy, actually. This week’s Friday Travel Inspiration is meant to encourage you to visit Europe with children.

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Getting Older: 37 Life Travel Moments (the conclusion)

Cromer Life Travel Moments

Hey, look, you made it back for the conclusion of this life-changing story. Today’s reading brings the final chapter of this three-part series looking back at 37 life travel moments as I celebrate turning 37 on Jan. 8. If you read the first part, you learned about this small-town kid who fell in love with travel brochures at an early age. But in the second part, you discover the girl who stole this boy’s heart, and it all has a happy home in London. Now it’s time for the rest of the story of my 37 life travel moments.

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Getting Older: 37 Life Travel Moments (part 2)


Life Travel Moments London

Moments afer proposing, this remains one of the happiest moments of my life. I think I need to attempt to pull off the aviators again.

I celebrated turning 37 on Jan. 8 with a listing of 13 of my 37 life travel moments. If you read the first post, you were introduced to the baby road tripper, the kid in knee-high socks at South Beach, the college kid falling in love with Bourbon Street, and the shame of eating at Hard Rock Cafe in Paris. Now that you enjoyed the appetizer, it’s time for the main course. In no particular order, here are Nos. 14-26 of my life travel moments, where together we discover love, laughter, parenthood and what the pee hat is all about.

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