Attending a Premier League Game in London

Attending a Premier League game

White Hart Lane

Attending a Premier League game at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane in London stands out as one of my greatest sports travel experiences. Yes, I’m a fan of Spurs, so being able to attend a game at their home pitch stands out. But more than that, attending a Premier League game for the first time opened my eyes to the beauty of football in its birth nation. And as the 2013-2014 season just concluded Sunday, I find myself reflecting on our experience of attending a Premier League game. Continue reading

Romance in Paris While I Sit Nervously at Home


A city of romance, the perfect final destination of a two-week European honeymoon.

A city of romance, the perfect final destination of a two-week European honeymoon.


It’s a moment of truth for Trips By Lance. You want to know pressure? Try planning someone’s two-week honeymoon to Europe, a trip ending this week with what I hope is lots of romance in Paris.

Will the newlyweds be satisfied with the apartment in Rome, their first destination of this three-country tour? Will they be happy with any of the restaurant recommendations in Paris? Will they follow the long list of London attractions I advised them to walk to, only to end up collapsing from exhaustion?

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A day at the game (or just follow along for your safety)

As my son and I took our seats just before kick off at North London’s White Hart Lane, I looked down and noticed a small sign pasted on the back of every seat. It had a few words of warning, one of which instructed all fans to refrain from cursing.

After being denied the purchase of a lager just moments before because it was too close to kick off, I was impressed at the lengths English football has gone to in an effort to make the game more family friendly and safe for fans. I’ve read “Among the Thugs” detailing life with soccer hooligans. I’ve read about the horrifying Hillsborough disaster in 1989 that saw a human crush result in nearly 100 deaths. I know about the black eye English football has taken because of its former hooliganism culture. Could you imagine no beer sales at American baseball games? I think that would cause our own version of hooliganism.

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