Shopping Road Trips to Ikea

Shopping road trip

The proposed Ikea Memphis store (Image Courtesy of Ikea)

Big news happened in my hometown of Memphis, Tenn., when the improbable announcement was made this week that the Swedish-based retailer Ikea will open in the city. I’m not much of a shopper, but as I sit at my Ikea desk next to my Ikea bookshelf with an Ikea lamp lighting my home office, I’m very familiar with making shopping road trips to Ikea.

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Weekend Review: Atlanta NBA Road Trip

Atlanta NBA Road Trip

Visiting Atlanta for sports isn’t a new concept for me. My first visit came in 1996 for the Summer Olympics. My second visit was in 2003 for a weekend of baseball fun with the Atlanta Braves. I’ve been in town for a Georgia Tech football game, in addition to the non-sports weekend getaways Stacey and I have made through the years. But this weekend trip would be different. It was all about experiencing the city for an Atlanta Hawks game. So how did we spend our Atlanta NBA road trip weekend? Let me count the ways.

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SoHo Architecture: A New York Neighborhood in Pictures

SoHo Architecture

One of our favorite neighborhoods in the world is SoHo in New York City. The once industrial neighborhood turned vacant neighborhood turned arts district turned trendy boutique heaven is one of the coolest spots in New York’s five boroughs. Yes, it is filled with awesome shopping, great restaurants and trendy hotels. But to me, the main drawing card is all the awesome SoHo architecture thanks to the best collection of cast-iron architecture anywhere in the world. Well, that and all the shopping really makes my wife happy.

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Five Ways to Experience Fort Worth’s Sundance Square

Fort Worth's Sundance Square

Fort Worth, Texas, has much to offer visitors. The Stockyards National Historic District preserves the Old West. The city’s Cultural District is one of the nation’s largest arts districts with five internationally recognized museums just a few miles west of Downtown. But the heart of the city might be in Downtown, specifically Sundance Square. Whether in town for art, good food or just a good time, Fort Worth’s Sundance Square has plenty to offer visitors. Here are five ways to experience Fort Worth’s Sundance Square.

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How to Experience Santa Fe Art

Canyon Road

Canyon Road is the center of the arts scene in Santa Fe. But it’s just one of several ways to experience Santa Fe arts.

When we decided to visit Santa Fe, N.M., art was at the center of the decision. We knew American artist Georgia O’Keeffe once called the region home, and that the city has a reputation for being one of the nation’s major art markets. We knew it is a city with lots of shopping, history and great food. But at the heart of it all is art. Here is how to experience Santa Fe art.

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