Travel in Books: Finding Inspiration on Page

travel in books

A schooner like this one in the West Traverse Bay at Traverse City is one of the main characters in Dennis’ book.

Many things have changed for our family through the years when we travel, but one constant that has remained from our pre-kid days to today when we travel with an energetic 8-year-old boy is our desire to visit bookstores. We love bookstores when we travel about as much as we enjoy sampling local food. And the more crowded the shelves are with rare books or locally set stories the better. I’ve always enjoyed finding travel in books, especially when it’s a destination I’ve just discovered or one I dream about visiting one day.

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Getting Older: 37 Life Travel Moments (part 1)

Venice Grand Canal

So, I’m 37 today. Another year, another number and a little closer to reaching the point of wondering what the hell happened to my youth. But I’m not feeling bad today. In fact, I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating my travel life. These 37 life travel moments aren’t necessarily the best or most memorable experiences. You won’t find seeing the Sistine Chapel or driving across the Golden Gate Bridge on here. Some of these experiences, in fact, are very minor. But looking back, I think these are 37 of the thousands of moments that have shaped me as the traveler I am today. In no particular order, here are 13 of my 37 life travel moments.

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Friday Travel Inspiration: Climbing the High Road to Taos

High Road to Taos

Since my 1980s childhood in small-town Arkansas, I’ve placed Friday on a pedestal above all other days. There was something magical about Fridays, what with all the awesome movies featuring the Coreys (“License to Drive” anyone?), John Cusack showing us how to express our love (it’s with a boombox held high above our heads, of course), and Michael J. Fox showing us what happens when we drive 85 (if in an awesome DeLorean, you might drive it into a barn in 1955). I’ve always found my inspiration on Fridays, and it partly goes back to when my brother and I could rent lots of awesome movies and watch them on the VCR until 4 a.m. So I thought I’d take my infatuation with Fridays and turn it into a new weekly feature focused on travel inspiration. Welcome to Friday Travel Inspiration.

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