Winter Weather Road Trip Guidelines


Driving on ice

Last week, IĀ asked on the Trips By Lance Facebook page what people do when the threat of bad weather potentially affects a road trip. The answers were all over the place, ranging from leaving ahead of schedule to beat the bad weather to leaving as planned and taking a chance that the roads won’t be too bad. As someone who is born, bred and has always lived in the Southern United States, I hate even the hint of a threat of icy conditions. Nothing good can come from icy streets. It’s the main reason my traveling tends to hibernate during the winter. But when I do make plans, I have my own winter weather road trip guidelines.

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Rainy Day Beach Activities With Kids


A brief pause in the storm at Panama City Beach.

Beach trips are supposed to be about sun, waves, laughter and relaxation. As a parent, I’d say it’s one of the best trips with children in tow that allows mom and dad to still have some sanity. But what happens when it rains and the whole family finds itself cooped up inside? I wasn’t on a mission to find the answer, but a recent beach trip in Florida and a monsoon of more than 20 inches of rain forced me to find out what rainy day beach activities with kids we could come up with.

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